We offer councelling for the carrying out of your project

  • Detailed simulations concerning the exploitation of the tourist train in your area (analysis of lucrativeness thresholds, business plan)
  • We provide you assistance for organizing the task book and for personalizing the product: carriage body, paint (we can offer a 20 color pallet).


Business assistance

Business assistance during the full length of your project:

  • Advice for complementary equipments «options – engine and carriages» (according to the type of circuit and passengers)
  • Annual visit of one of our trade agents.


Technical assistance

A 2 year waranty, machine parts and work force for a new train.

A 1 year waranty, machine parts and work force for a second hand train.

  • Technical record and a detailed maintenance record
  • Tehnical assistance for potential dificulties
  • 48 hour tehnical intervention (detached parts delivery or direct intervention)


Administrative assistance

The trains are  according to the French and Romanian standards

  • Provided with the temporary gray cards.


Business contacts:

Address: 300, Calea Călăraşilor, bld. S20, ent. 2, apt. 62

Postal code: 030634

District 3, Bucharest

Phone: +4021 323 02 52


Just Benayache - tel.: 00 40 726 931 379

Cătălin Mihai - tel.: 00 40 744 485 559




Customize your train - choose your favourite colours!
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