The Balkan Tourist Train Company (CBTT) presents a new product on the Romanian market. Well known by any tourist all over the world, the little tourist train always represented a key element for every bussiness in the field.


CBTT is the only importer-distributor for such road tourist trains in Romania and the representative of the CPIL company from France.


Our company addresses mainly those from the touristic field who, through the introduction of these « Road Tourist Trains », pursue the growth of their bussiness.


The advantages of purchasing one of our products are multypele:

  • on economic level – a quick and safe liquidation of the investment
  • on image level – the trains are mainly a mobile prop for urban publicity.
  • on competional level – in a developing touristic environment, this sort of investment can propel you in the top of the most profitable companies. As a matter of fact, you will gain from a market breach.


Customize your train - choose your favourite colours!
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